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V.I.P. Soap Products :: V.I.P. Biodegradables :: Personal Care :: V.I.P. Antibacterial Liquid Hand Soap - Golden Bouquet
V.I.P. Soap Products :: V.I.P. Biodegradables :: Personal Care :: V.I.P. Antibacterial Liquid Hand Soap - Golden Bouquet

V.I.P. Antibacterial Liquid Hand Soap - Golden Bouquet

V.I.P. Antibacterial Liquid Hand Soap - Golden Bouquet

355 ml.
* Biodegradable
* Golden Bouquet fragrance
* Anti-bacterial agent
* Measured dispensing pump
* Good lathering properties
* PH balanced
* Gentle on hands
* Tough on dirt
* Recyclable bottle and pump where facilities exist

SKU 63827-28355-1
Weight 0.44 kg
Price: CA$4.25 (US$4.25)
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