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V.I.P. Soap Products :: V.I.P. Biodegradables :: Dish detergent :: V.I.P. Dish Detergent - Green Apple -
V.I.P. Soap Products :: V.I.P. Biodegradables :: Dish detergent :: V.I.P. Dish Detergent - Green Apple -

V.I.P. Dish Detergent - Green Apple -

V.I.P. Dish Detergent - Green Apple -

740 ml.
* New All Natural formula
* Gentle on hands
* Tough on grease
* Excellent foaming quality
* Fresh and fragrant Green Apple scent
* Biodegradable
* Leaves no chemical residue on your dishes
* Septic safe
* No artificial perfumes
* Not tested on animals
* No petroleum based cleaners
* Recyclable bottle and cap where facilities exist

- Purified Water
- Coco Betaine (Foam Booster)
- SLES (Anionic Surfactant)
- Cocodiethanolamide (Foam Control)
- Neolone 950 (Preservative)
- Green Apple colour and fragrance
- Salt (Viscosity modifier)

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