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V.I.P. Soap Products :: V.I.P. Biodegradables :: Laundry products :: V.I.P. Washing Soda Powder
V.I.P. Soap Products :: V.I.P. Biodegradables :: Laundry products :: V.I.P. Washing Soda Powder

V.I.P. Washing Soda Powder

V.I.P. Washing Soda Powder

2 L. Bag
* Hypo-Allergenic
* Detergent booster
* Helps soften hard water
* Prevents hard water deposits
* Easy on fabrics
* Biodegradable
* Economical
* NO petroleum based ingredients
* NO perfumes/fragrances


98% Sodium Carbonate (Soda Ash)
2% Nonionic Detergent

SKU 63827-24002-8
Weight 2.05 kg
Price: CA$6.69 (US$6.69)
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8+ Items CA$5.40
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  • Author: sherry
    Omg!! Wow i love it! Works on almost everything and very affordable. You have to try it. I use at home and work. Excellent product.
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