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Media and Events

Our future depends on our actions today. Tomorrow depends on all of us. Tomorrow begins with you today!

V.I.P. Soap Products is dedicated to getting the word out, you can help the environment and to this end we have used different media to try to accomplish this. Its important to all of us that we do get the message across that the environment, which we all enjoy, should not be taken for granted but should be protected. Word of mouth is our best form of communicating this message and we hope youre a big part of that! Let your family and friends know that there are alternatives to cleaning that work and make a difference!

Heres a selection of a couple of the T.V. ads weve run as well as our current Radio commercial.


Youll also see us displayed in store by our partners, hopefully in your community,
and you might even see our delivery truck rambling down the highway!