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Liquid & Powder Packaging Facilities

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Technologists working together in pharmaceutical factory and controlling production of cos

Cutting-Edge Liquid & Powder Packaging Solutions

Our state-of-the-art packaging facility is designed to meet all your business needs with unmatched efficiency and precision. Boasting advanced computerized mixing systems and 100% digital traceability, we ensure the highest level of quality control for your products.

Impressive Production Capacity

  • Multiple liquid and powder mixing and packaging lines to provide flexibility and capacity to meet our customers every need.

Seamless Integration for Optimal Efficiency. Nestled on an expansive 8-acre estate with 150,000 square feet of building space, our production facility seamlessly integrates with a bottle facility on an additional 2-acre plot spanning 20,000 square feet. This comprehensive setup positions us as a fully integrated company, ensuring streamlined operations and unparalleled efficiency.

Partner with us for your packaging needs and experience the difference of a truly advanced, integrated facility.

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